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In our blog, we share resources and information that families in our community can use to cope with their loss or better understand their grief. We also write about ways we have been involved in the community. Check out our latest posts below.

10 Health & Wellness Tips For The Winter Months…

Posted on February 17, 2015 by J. Chad Pendley | 2 Comments
Posted under Health & Wellness

  This may seem a little “grim” coming from the funeral director but here at the funeral home we encourage Health & Wellness to our families… especially in the winter months.  Suffering a loss, dealing with grief or really just basic emotions can effect our wellness during these cold, dark and dreary days that we […]

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Church or the Chapel?

Posted on December 12, 2014 by J. Chad Pendley | Leave a comment
Posted under Most Common Questions

There are many decisions that need to be made at our arrangement table and one of those that causes a lot of discussion and consideration is the place of the service.  Today with the progressive views on how services should be conducted, there are many options available for those making this decision.  20 years ago […]

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How to choose a Funeral Home?

Posted on November 7, 2014 by J. Chad Pendley | 3 Comments
Posted under Most Common Questions

There are many things for you to consider when you are deciding on what funeral care provider you should use.  It is very important to choose a funeral home that can meet all of your requirements and provide the level of service that you are looking for and for the price that you can afford. […]

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Women and Grief

Posted on October 22, 2014 by J. Chad Pendley | 1 Comment
Posted under Grief Help, Women & Grief

Obstacles for a Grieving Woman… We had a great opportunity to sit in on a panel of grieving widows and learn more about how death and grief effect women.  Sometimes we see grief as universal but in fact, it can effect each sex a little differently.  My brother and I eyes were opened to what […]

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Death and Grace

Posted on October 8, 2014 by J. Chad Pendley | Leave a comment
Posted under Grief Help

This is a very personal blog post based on my faith.  Though I am very blessed to serve people from every religion or no religion, this is my personal view and how I am able to accept and perform my duty. It was a typical evening around my home about 7:00 pm on a Sunday. […]

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