Inside the Heart of a Funeral Professional

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What many do not realize, is that the funeral profession entails so much more than greeting guests in a quiet presence in an intimidating black suit. Surprisingly, the profession brings rewarding and gratifying moments to the everyday job. Morticians play a vital role in the greater cycle of life.


Working in the funeral industry requires someone that is full of compassion, empathy, able to counsel and support families, all while being very organized and attentive to their needs. There is a lot of planning and details that the family needs from you during their time of grieving and vulnerability. Directors also have an understanding of the human body and a variety of science knowledge stashed away that becomes useful when preparing families for seeing their loved one prior to burial or cremation.


Funeral Directors must know how to manage costs for families who are on a budget, plan intricate details, file necessary documents, all while remaining compliant with state laws.


People who work in this profession are often thought of as being “cold” or, immune to sadness and heartbreak. But, their heart breaks too. During an arrangement meeting, they are able to keep it together, but they feel what you are feeling. Director’s remember families for years and years. When a family shares their vulnerability with you, it is hard for you to not become a part of their family. That is why so often we hear “they are just part of the Mayes Ward family.”


Working in this profession is not for the faint of heart. It is more than a 9 to 5 job. Death does not stop at 5 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. Working in the funeral profession requires some of the kindest and most compassionate individuals. Anyone who enjoys walking with someone through one of the most difficult and vulnerable times in their life would feel the ultimate reward that a funeral professional feels throughout their career. The reward of being there for someone and being their shoulder to lean on for questions, planning, counseling, and preparing them for what is ahead.


If you are interested in becoming a part of the Mayes Ward family, you can click the link below to read about joining our team. Mayes Ward strives to find the most compassionate caring individuals to make up one of the best families in the profession.


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Sarah Driskell

Sarah grew up in Dallas, Georgia and graduated from East Paulding High School in 2007. She attended Reinhardt College in Waleska, Georgia. She became a part of the Mayes Ward-Dobbins family in 2013. Sarah has two children, Ashlynn (7) and Easton (3). She enjoys spending time with her family, baking, reading, decorating, and being outdoors. She greets families with a warm smile and a caring heart.

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