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Posted on November 7, 2016 by J. Chad Pendley under Health & Wellness
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Just as there are seasons of changes throughout the year the funeral home experiences our own as well.   The color of the leaves are starting to change, the morning air is becoming more crisp, the sun rises earlier and day light darkens sooner… and undoubtedly the number of families that we serve will rise.   The colder months have always impacted our business and we are now gearing up to make sure we are ready to serve those families.

No scientific method has ever been discovered (that I know of) that explains the rise in the number of deaths, but from those whom we serve we have decided that the upcoming months will bring a number of illnesses and different emotions that will impact our health.  Of course colder weather can play havoc on our immune system but the joy and stress involved in the holiday season also affects our bodies wellness.  The holidays are not so joyous for everyone as they bring memories of loved ones who have passed, the stress and grief during these times can be very hard to handle.  Grief can be a major stressor in our lives and it is something that we cannot ignore when it comes to our well-being.  Many people who become terminally ill will set goals as well… “If I can just make it another Thanksgiving” or “I want to see my great-grandson’s first Christmas”, etc….  We have met so many people who tell us their loved one had one of these goals and they pushed so hard to make it.  I believe that you can will yourself to live as long as your body can handle the stress.  Most of the time following big holiday’s we will receive those dreadful phone calls that a family has to make for us to come and receive their loved one.

As funeral directors we must prepare our hearts and minds for the upcoming season.  We must be available to help serve those who call upon us and yet remain in good spirits to celebrate with our own families.  Separating home life from our “work” life is almost impossible and really unacceptable during this season.  We are not able to lean too far in either direction as we must remain ready for the inevitable.  Thankfully the Team here at the funeral home is large enough for us to help support each other through the holiday season, giving us time to be thankful and respectful to our double lives.

Throughout the upcoming season we ask that you remember those who have since passed and also reach out to their survivors and let them know they are loved and being thought of.  Preparing your hearts and those around you is just as important as preparing the dinner menu for your family’s gathering.  We pray the upcoming season is full of Joy with you and your family!


Chad is a licensed professional and is a native of Cobb County, growing up in Powder Springs and currently living in Marietta Ga. After graduating from McEachern High School Chad attended Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service and graduated as a Master Artist of the Pi Sigma Eta Honorary Mortician Fraternity. He was the recipient of the Bill Pierce award and Daniel E. Buchanan award, recognizing him as a leader in the funeral profession. A member of the Marietta Metro Rotary and different organizations in his profession, Chad also participates in monthly activities promoting the funeral home and networking with other professionals in the area. He is a member and attends Westridge Church in Dallas Ga. He is married to Kristin and as a proud father, Chad enjoys the time he gets to spend with his family. Chad is an avid hunter and a true outdoors man. He has a gift of developing a warm, helpful, and strong relationship with the families he serves and is a valuable source of knowledge at Mayes Ward-Dobbins.

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