How much cheaper is Cremation compared to Burial?

Posted on August 7, 2014 by J. Chad Pendley under Most Common Questions
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The question regarding burial vs. cremation seemed to be part of a lot of our feedback. The question “What is the cost savings of cremation vs burial?”

This is a common misconception that many people have a struggle with so lets discuss the misconceptions…

First when people think of cost in comparison we hear so often that you will spend over 10 thousand to be buried when a cremation only costs about 2 thousand. This is actually comparing apples to oranges so to speak. A direct cremation is in fact around that price and involves the bare essentials to perform the cremation in the most dignified manner. Where as a ten thousand dollar funeral includes actually anything and everything to create that event including caskets, vaults, register books, flowers, processions, etc… and so on.

A correct comparison would be a direct cremation to a direct burial. Like the direct cremation the direct burial offers the bare essentials to perform a burial in the most dignified manner and the cost of this burial product is less than a thousand dollars apart from the direct cremation.

So many families will choose cremation because of the cost and our job as funeral directors is the inform the family that they can have a burial for roughly the same amount of money.

We view cremation as a “burial alternative” rather than a “service alternative”. Wether or not you chose burial or cremation we still use the same principles in designing a service that will benefit that family and help honor their loved one. Even with cremation we have ways to have their loved one present and create that “traditional” service while instead of leaving the funeral home or church and heading to the cemetery, we just then go to our crematory.

So the synopsis of this long post  is to tell you that no matter what you choose between cremation and burial, there is a service that can fit into the families budget.

~We have more great questions that we will be addressing in our next post! Keep them coming and thanks for allowing us to help!

Chad is a licensed professional and is a native of Cobb County, growing up in Powder Springs and currently living in Marietta Ga. After graduating from McEachern High School Chad attended Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service and graduated as a Master Artist of the Pi Sigma Eta Honorary Mortician Fraternity. He was the recipient of the Bill Pierce award and Daniel E. Buchanan award, recognizing him as a leader in the funeral profession. A member of the Marietta Metro Rotary and different organizations in his profession, Chad also participates in monthly activities promoting the funeral home and networking with other professionals in the area. He is a member and attends Westridge Church in Dallas Ga. He is married to Kristin and as a proud father, Chad enjoys the time he gets to spend with his family. Chad is an avid hunter and a true outdoors man. He has a gift of developing a warm, helpful, and strong relationship with the families he serves and is a valuable source of knowledge at Mayes Ward-Dobbins.

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